14 bitter truths of life.

14 bitter truths of life:

Today we live in a materialistic world where everyone is just concerned about their clothes, their looks, accessories, and other fancy stuff. People have forgotten to enjoy their lives and are merely chasing materialistic goals. 

Everyone wants to buy bungalows, fancy cars, a big yacht, and all the other expensive things. The problem is that they know about reality are ignoring the bitter truth of life.

Here are some of the bitter truth of life:

1. Death is inevitable and unexpected:

The first bitter truth is everyone in this world is going to die one day, and no one is born immortal. It is the way life goes on. You can’t control death, but what you can do is adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eating a proper diet will immune you from various diseases.

2. Not everyone with an Audi ends in a happier place:

All the wealth that you have accumulated over all these years won’t guarantee you happiness. Some people are thrilled with a bicycle, and similarly, some people are frustrated and crying in their expensive cars. The moral is to say that accessories can’t buy you happiness.

3. Time is more valuable than money:

Successful people find their time more important than their bank balance. Always try to spend time with your loved ones instead of giving cash and other materialistic things.

4. Don’t please people:

Always remember that you are not responsible for making anyone happier. Never do something to please people. If you do, it will benefit you in the short term, but in the long run, you are building your graveyard. 

5. Talent is useless if there is no backing by consistency:

There are so many talented cricketers and other famous personalities that had the ability but ruined themselves. If you don’t respect your strengths, they won’t respect you. It’s that simple. It is the hard work and consistency that overpowers ability.

6. Procrastination kills you:

All the things that happen in your life are because of your actions and nothing else. The minor stuff to massive events that occur in your life are because of your daily activities. Never blame others and take responsibility for your own life.

7. The number of friends doesn’t define friendship:

You may be having 500 friends on Facebook and other social networking sites, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter. All you need is a couple of people who can acknowledge you. Now it is not wrong that you have a large friend circle. All I am saying is it is the quality of friendship that matters.

8. Nobody cares about you:

In this working world, there are hardly a few people that care about you genuinely. All the rest are just to criticize and make fun of you. If you are dependent on the validation of others, there is no bigger fool than you. You are the writer, actor, and director of your own story.

9. Don’t get comfortable:

This is the most important one. Don’t get comfortable at any point in your life. If you feel comfortable, there is no scope for growth. Get out of your comfort zone and keep hustling!

10. Imaginations are useless:

All the ideas and plans in your mind are entirely meaningless if you don’t take any action on them. Instead of thinking and over analyzing things, do the task step by step. Your imaginations won’t make you far, but your activities will.

11. Perfection is not a success :

 Nobody in this world is born perfect. If you are a person that strives for perfection, then I have got bad news for you. You won’t be left with much time if you’re planning to do things correctly.

12. Respect your haters:

If you’re ignoring all the negative reviews and listening only to the positive news, you re in a huge trap. Positive feedback never teaches you anything. You can only grow when you look to some criticism from others. The moral is to analyze the blame and work on it.

13. There will always be haters:

No matter how rich, talented, or successful you are, there will still be many people who would question your abilities. Choose any field and take any top celebrity from it. For example, cricketer MSDhoni has millions of fans and thousands of haters. If you’re famous, people will still hate you for no reason. 

14. Technology is a weapon:

The social media you use nowadays can be useful as well as destructive for you. It all depends upon how well do you use it. On the one hand, some people destroy their precious time on social media, and on the other side, you will see there are people making millions of dollars from it. 


These were some of the bitter truths about life. I hope this post helps.

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