5 Best Apps for your health

1.) HealthifyMe - Start your fitness journey today!

HealthifyMe app is a personalized Diet plan, advice support from expert coaches, calorie Tracker. Simplify your weight management journey with the HealthifyMe. The app was perfect, but when I buy a premium account for the transforming plan. Initially, it notifies me that I can choose a keto plan, after which I was agreed to buy the program. But sometimes the dietician was very rude that she wouldn't recommend the program. Even I explained that I had lost weight, but I wanted a proper keto plan. She gave me a diet plan of 1700 calories. I explained to her that I need weight loss, to which she told me that I need at least 2000 calories for my daily requirements, So I am just sharing my experience with you, I recommend you to save money not to buy a premium plan, after all, everything is fantastic. Top nutritionists, fitness trainers power HealthifyMe app, and yoga instructors, as said on their website. Run a marathon, build muscles, or achieve weight loss with personalized diet plans and workout routines. Well, the HealthifyMe app is free, but some services like customized diet plans are paid feature and many more. You need a premium account for those features.

Here you can see HealthifyME website for more info: https://www.healthifyme.com

Here you can download the HealthifyMe Play store Application: Click Here for HealthifyMe App.


2 Fooducate

I used this application for two months, and now I can say that I love this app works in a way that it doesn't just track calories because that's not all I need, it shows every nutrition and information about ingredients in that item. Now it seems like a paid review sorry for that, but its not a paid review. Also, I love the scanning feature of Fooducate. I can decide which food to choose at the store. If it's too unhealthy? Sure there's an alternative! Ready for you.specially if you are trying to lose some weight, then this app is for you to get started.

Visit Fooducate website                                                             Download On PlayStore.

3. Home Workout

Home workout app is the best app for those who want to gym, but they don't where to start here home workout app is for you if you are a beginner. Well, I have a high metabolism, and Home workout apps workouts work great for lean mass gain. The exercises are simple, and you can quickly be done in 15 minutes. Well Depending on how you set up your regimen, it can take 5-25 minutes. Personally, I prefer chest workouts 4 days a week, and at the end of the month, I do a whole week's. I usually continue to lose weight around the stomach when I work out. Home workout has a set of exercises you can do at home with no equipment needed. Such as full-body workout, arms beginner level, also at an advanced level, you can go if you want and many more with animation guide and videos guide too on how to do a precisely particular exercise without any mistakes. It is a great application. Well, the fantastic thing about the Home workout app is it is free, no cost at all. That why this the great app if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a lot of equipment. The developer team of this app the Leap fitness group also has apps for especially for abs workout etc. you can check at play store

Download Homeworkout PlayStore

4. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation application. Well, trust me, mental health is important too! Honestly, I downloaded this application three months ago when I found this app by youtube advertisement on a particular video. Headspace has a variety of guided meditations, emergency SOS sessions for calming needs, and It even pushes the occasional notification telling you to relax and breathe just a little a bit. By the way, I liked that feature. The premium version is costly, but maybe it will be worth it for you. Now Calm, Let’s Meditate, breath in and out sleep better, and download this app. The link is below

Download Headspace PlayStore

5. Yoga Daily Fitness

Yoga Daily Fitness is a simple yoga application. It has a variety of features, poses, and exercises that can increase flexibility, core strength, and all kinds of other health benefits.

Here are the Benefits of Yoga

• Improves your flexibility

• Builds muscle strength

• Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

• Protects your spine

• Betters your bone health

• Increases your blood flow

• Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

• Helps you focus

• Relaxes your system, Improves your balance, etc.

So yoga is beneficial for you. This app has a lot of features like

1) Yoga workout - yoga fitness plan     (2) 30 Day Yoga with videos

3) Yoga music for relaxing  4) Add alarm to reminder time for Yoga

The fantastic thing about the yoga daily fitness application is that all features are free to use. No hidden charges (at the time of writing) if it is free why won't you try at least once. The link is below.

Download Yoga Daily Fitness PlayStore


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