6 Predictions for Smartphone in 2020


If I talk about India, its been a long wait after Jio 4G. Now we started feeling bored, yes I can say “Bored” as we are running with fast-moving technology these days, we have been waiting for 5G for a long time.


So, the good news is this year 2020 will be an end of the long wait almost all major brands are coming up with 5G version, leaving aside Apple brand as it is not confirmed yet about This year we could 5G in Apple brand. Samsung, One Plus or Xiaomi will come up with at least one model with 5G this year.



When we are talking about Android Mobiles how can we forget about Bazels and when we say bazel first thing comes to our mind is Notch which we saw a lot in mobiles last year, but this is it’s going to be different as we are not going to see the standard notch in mobiles which are going to be replaced by a hole in a display which is a ‘Punch hole Camera‘.


Almost all major brands, be it Samsung, Honor, Nokia, or any other brand this year, mostly we will see punch-hole cameras, which will be considered as a significant change.





Last year we saw dual cameras in many mobiles, 2020 will Bring 3,4,5 or multi-cameras on a mobile. This year many brands are coming up with multiple camera systems. Apart from this, 3D Cameras will also play a significant role this year, where major brands will come up with some 3D scanning kind of a system with the help of a 3D Camera.


When it comes to Mega Pixels, we are going to see a high in Megapixels in mobile cameras as well, which could be around 48 MP camera sensors will is going to be very popular in the market. So, Multi cameras and 3D and high pixels all in one mobile is of the smartphonesprediction of 2020.



Another critical feature of Smartphones Fast Charging. This year, unfortunately, we will not see an increase in battery backup time. Last year we saw OPPO’s SUPERFOOD Technology charger, which fully recharges the phone in just 35 Mins.


We might see more improvement in terms of recharging a phone more faster in 2020. OnePlus WARP charge or Huawei’s Supercharge or Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0+, we will find a very fast-growing recharging system this year.



We will find budget phones with the worth of price & perfect Specifications this year. Yes, last year we have seen Snapdragon 636 available in a killer price, the same way in 2020 one will get much more attractive offers & prices for phones, which could be hard to believe in.



This year we will see folding phones most probably it could be Samsung to come up with a folding phone first, be it a vertical folding or horizontal folding. Still, we will see various new designs in the folding phones category in the market this year, but not just Samsung, many other brands will Come with folding phones this year. So here are some predictions about smartphones in 2020.



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