Affiliate Marketing Programs, Advantages and Benefits of Being an Affiliater

Simply put, this affiliate program is a partnership where brands pay a commission to publishers for the traffic or sales they make for that brand.

Affiliate marketing is not new, this concept has been around for centuries and marketers have been optimizing channels for decades. Advances in technology, science and machine learning have now entered a phase of 'affiliation awakening'.

Take the latest upgrade for commissioning technology as one example. Traditionally advertisers will pay a commission to the publisher based on an agreed sales percentage. New commission technology now gives advertisers the ability to pay publishers based on their actual business goals, whether they are promoting high-margin products or reaching new customers.

And if you feel you have been freed from all this, I can guarantee that if you shop online, you have clicked on an affiliate link.

As an example:

Links on blogs, Instagram influencers promotions, loyalty or cashback websites, online coupons, and discount codes are all part of the affiliate world.

Affiliates make a renaissance because it's the only channel that gives advertisers a choice back. The choice to determine your own KPI is aligned with real business goals, the choice to optimize your campaign against priority audiences and product lines, and most importantly, the choice to pay only when your goals are achieved.

Then, is there any advantage if we join these affiliate marketers?

If I think about it personally, there are many benefits that we will get from the results of this affiliate marketing. One of the example:

Affiliate Program / Affiliate Marketing Program

1. Without investment capital

To start affiliate marketing, you don't need capital because you are participating in the program affiliates of a merchant, most do not require to buy the product first.

Example: Even if there are costs incurred, usually only to buy a domain and hosting and internet connection fees.

Although still able to use domains and free hosting, paid domains and hosting provide more freedom for affiliate programs than free ones. After all, there are currently a lot of cheap web hosting and domains nowadays.

2. No-Risk of Losses

Another benefit of affiliate marketers is the lack of risk. If the product being advertised does not make money, it can leave the product and choose another. There are no binding long-term contracts for products that don't make a lot of money. And if there is no need to spend capital, of course there is no risk of loss that needs to be borne, because there is no need to pay for market research, product manufacturing, preparation of sales letters, construction of sales sites, and so on, so the risk of loss is virtually non-existent compared to the business model other online.

3. Very Easy to Run

Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to make profits because it is very easy to run. Affiliate Marketing can make a profit only with an ad or a link to the merchant's website, where potential customers will be expected to click and proceed to make a purchase. By consumers clicking on advertisements on affiliate sites, which are directed to the merchant's website and buying the product, the affiliate gets a commission. The more leads the more profit for affiliates.

4. A Very Large Income Opportunity

This huge income opportunity is due to the variety of products that can be marketed, and the value of marketing commissions that reach 60% of the merchant's profits. The potential for huge profits makes affiliate marketing truly a golden opportunity for ordinary people.

5. No need to experience selling (marketing)

Affiliate Marketing does not require sales experience. Most affiliate programs provide excellent marketing material. In affiliate marketing, our responsibility is to find prospects for merchants, we don't need to worry about stock, order processing, and product delivery. This is all the duty of the merchant.

6. Many choices and opportunity gaps

Once we know the strategy to find a potential market, affiliate marketing is a very effective way to make a profit in any niche market.

In today's case study, in short, there is an affiliate marketing marketer or the largest affiliate in the vertical Nutra. Maybe from all of you already know a lot about the workings of the affiliate system, there are many affiliate marketers, in fact in Indonesia itself.

Here I will also recommend and introduce you to one of the biggest affiliate marketers that you can try to start making money online, Dr.Cash.

What is Dr.Cash?

Dr.Cash is a CPA affiliate marketer that is quite large in vertical Nutra. They currently work with cash on delivery sales. If you are a website or blog owner, you can join the affiliate system program from Dr.Cash.

Reporting from the Dr.Cash website, they have also claimed that,

Nutra is our specialty

Since 2016, we have been working exclusively with BPA and Revshare offers in the field of beauty and human health. We have our own productions and are linked to the best advertisers from around the world.

We are constantly analyzing data, working on the conversion of ad pages, and monetizing additional traffic dedicated to offering you the most favorable conditions in the beauty and health vertical.

What are the Advantages & Benefits?

Advantages and Benefits of the Dr.Cash Affiliate Program:

  •  2402 Nutra offers available.
  • Offers that match their site's traffic.
  • Payments every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. ePayments, Minimum payments via Paxum - starting at $ 50, PayPal - starting at $ 50 (with 3% commission); Wire Transfer - from $ 1500 (if less, 3% commission).
  • Withhold the first payment for 2 weeks. However, it is possible to remove a hold.
  • GEO throughout the world.
  • There are new top offers every week.

Terms in the category of affiliate marketing programs

  • Affiliates: publishers who use affiliate program links to promote and make sales.
  • Affiliate market: Outside there are a lot of affiliate markets, one of which is Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank. It functions as a center for affiliate programs in different niches.
  • Affiliate software: Software that is used by some companies to create and for the creation of affiliate programs for their products.
  • Affiliate link or URL: A specific tracking link or term offered by the affiliate program that you follow to track your affiliate promotions.
  • Payment methods: In many different affiliate programs that have offered a variety of different payment methods. Such as Checks, Transfers, wire transfers, PayPal, and others.
  • Commission percentage: The amount or percentage that you will receive in affiliate income from each product that you have sold.
  • Link clocking: Some affiliate tracking links look unappealing and cannot be read clearly. However, by using URL shortening techniques, you can turn long and bad affiliate links into links that can be read and understood by readers.

The conclusion:

Literally there are no qualifications needed to become an affiliate marketer, but here we are required to have good copywriting skills and marketing skills, this will have a positive impact and be a plus for us.

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