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In the homeland, there is a lot of people's helplessness, the priests of power have kept the poor people in chains of slavery for decades; they are not allowed to think, which is why the people face this situation Unable to consider the underlying causes.


In any country, there is a two-way governing system. One dictatorship, one system of rule of oppression, and the other a democratic system, a system of resolving mutual consultations through public representatives. Government is possible if both systems are run according to their basic rules and rules, but if dictatorship or monarchy is run like democracy and democracy is dictated. The failure of government is assured. The problem here is that the dictatorship here is democratic and democracy is a dictatorship. She has been trying to get the ball; in the end, .which leads the chaos and unrest.


The present government and its leadership have been brought to power under the explicit democratic system, but in reality, the power came under the dictatorship. This is because the prime minister's mentality and style are that of the monarchy and dictators. Imran Khan has repeatedly made statements on China, the United States and other overseas tours that if 500 people were blown up, rail would start in the country, etc. - that is what the Saudi and Chinese models say. Imran Khan and his ministers' inhuman and criminal behaviour with the political opponents are invisible to anyone. I don't see anything. It doesn't matter to the rulers; they have to get drunk with power. Media is banned, or any kind of political movement is trying to impeach them. The nation is undergoing severe crabs, but should the ruling rulers have a ring on their ears? Every matter is being made a problem, leaders and guards have become self-pitying. Completion is causing complex issues. While the country faces countless challenges, it is difficult for anyone to pay attention to the country's survival and security wars. They have a problem with how to hurt Mian Nawaz Sharif. If they know that they should not go abroad for treatment, they have to be humiliated and sent to them. That is why the heart of the rulers is satisfied by the same process to make Mian Nawaz Sharif more and more compelling. Many people who are drunk of power are deliberately stealing sight from the ground truths. An example of which was the recent NAB misbehaviour and cruelty to Mian Nawaz Sharif when he was serving a sentence in a severe illness that was decided by Judge Arshad Malik. He is the judge, whom the judiciary has put a strain on himself. The NAB personnel brought Nawaz Sharif to Lahore headquarters in the name of investigation in another case. After some weeks, Mian Nawaz Sharif's health deteriorated so much that he had to be shifted to the hospital.


Now Nawaz Sharif's disease is being politicised. At first, Imran Khan did not believe. He sent the chief executive of Shaukat Khanum Hospital to research that Mian Nawaz Sharif is extremely ill. , Wrote in his statement and tutor that health should not be politicised and ordered his ministers to refrain from rhetoric about Mian Sahib's health, but where do his lesser-minded ministers listen, Quaid-i-Islami will also be a partner. He should have given them there illegal and immoral terms which they were not allowed to believe in Mian Nawaz Sharif. These friendly enemies had to impose Imran Khan on the stigma, because if you The master of the trunk has changed his mind even though he has put Chaudhry Shujaat's "manganese" in view. This ruthless and brutal behaviour of the government has opened the mindset of the rulers.


What is power too? A man begins to think of himself as God. He begins to believe that life and death are in his control. In fact, Almighty never directs such wrongdoers. He knows and understands that there is no ambiguity in Mian Nawaz Sharif's illness but still delaying the resort, making fun of the disease, it is something other than the arrogance of power. There is a stance that Mian Nawaz Sharif is a prisoner. Other prisoners are not given such facility, so they should not be provided. This is a big fraud in politics. There has never been such equality in the past. If such an example is to be made, then why do not the present rulers give equal facilities to all the unique and ordinary people. What facilities are they getting, all these facilities should be given to an average Pakistani as well? The salaries and privileges of each of the officials are different. Not everyone is equal in society. It is a natural thing for a high-ranking personality to have a different case. Professional

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