How to Boost MSP Sales Productivity?

For the growth of your organisation, it must have a regular flow of repeatedly increasing revenue every month. To stay at the top in a competitive world, achieving operational efficiency is crucial.

This is an important aspect of business expansion, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance profit and revenue. MSPs provide various customer services including support in IT decisions, 24*7 customer support and tracking IT systems. Several Managed Service Providers make efforts with the selling and advertising aspects of managing a business. Sales are a crucial part of running the business. As MSPs, it is necessary to focus on delivering the best IT services to customers.

MSPs are growing at a rapidly because the sales talent in the enterprise is getting a dynamic appeal to growth. The sales team are facing several challenges in their sales career.

Here are the best strategies to boost MSP Sales Productivity: 


1. Prepare documentation for sales


Preparing documentation can increase the chances of sales productivity. The documented process will help you predict outcomes, sales activities and outcomes. It is easy to predict profits in the next quarter. The outcomes predictions will help you in making decisions related to business, investments, hiring and training salesperson. 







2. Use of Sales tools


Sales enablement tools will help you to become valuable in your sales process. These sales tools will allow organizing and keeping track of data. Route planning apps and communication apps are the best tools to track sales. Understand the sales process and propose ways to expand sales productivity. You can determine the steps and reports of the sales pipeline. They support in project management, ticketing, finance and service desk information.






3. Use of CRM Technology


CRM software tools encourage your team to grow into more profitable and effective. It will help you produce more opportunities, the contact information of the company details and monitoring sales activities and process.





4. Track and report


Every business needs tracking the progress and sales opportunity of the team. The sales pipeline meetings should be scheduled monthly for revenue estimates. These meetings should happen more frequently for new members of the sales team or for the newly launched product. These meetings are the source to identify new opportunities, obstacles for deals and informing the salesperson about the projects that do not suit their business needs.


Other than these, review and feedbacks are new trends to enhance your sales productivity. Also analyze, why you could not grab the best opportunities that came your way, and you lost to competitors. Describe the benefits of services and your good prospects.






5. Sales Team management


The efficient sales team is mandatory for the progress of your business. Hire a professional and expert salesperson. Managing the sales team is an important aspect of the business. Have the right team to manage your team effectively. Select the most efficient person as a manager to motivate and understand the requirements of the staff. The sales business comes with many downfalls, a manager needs to motivate the team to perform better. The team should possess a strong knowledge of business and technology.





6. Keep on track the marketing and sales team


Marketing and sales team should work in collaboration with each other for significant sales productivity. Lack of communication will ultimately result in a decline in the company's output. As the team lead, it is crucial to encourage employees for more productivity. Educate them about attracting valuable and quality leads.





7. Make a schedule


Sales representative often have a busy schedule. You have to learn to organize your schedule and prioritize the things. Completing all the tasks at the same time can lessen the overall productivity and outcomes 


Make a plan to identify which projects and companies can make you productive and results in an increase in revenue. Schedule the weekly meetings to monitor and maintain relationships. Make sure that the significant clients are on your top priority. 




8. Give time for research


Understanding in-depth for any specific prospect can help you learn new ideas and represent in the best possible way to your clients. Before a meeting or any client presentation, take a few minutes to have a better understanding of any subject. 


This should include "what features and benefits your product possesses," and "what are the important aspects of your product." It will result in improving the conversion rate. 





9. Long-term strategy


To establish a long-term working strategy, responsive and effective two-way communication is necessary. Learn from knowledgeable industrial experts about technology and project management. They can provide with the best solutions for your business to grow in the competition with innovative technologies.





10. Service Level Agreement


Each customer has specific needs, but your services will remain the same for everyone. So there is no point wasting unnecessary time in rewriting the SLA for each customer. Designing the agreement may cause functional efficiency. So standardizing the SLA will enable staff to focus on activities are of utmost importance. 





11. Service automation


Use of service automation leads to fast processing and higher productivity. This will reduce human working hours and provide high-quality services. So, despite having less staff, it will promote profitability and customer satisfaction. With the use of automation tools, you can remotely manage your clients and handle tasks like application updates. 





12. Invest in high-quality support


High-quality support investment will allow you to manage your business with challenges and better efficiency. It will reduce downtime and make the client clear about the services you offer. Ensure you have competent staff to render high quality IT services for your clients. 




13. Solve the customer's issues

The focus on Monthly Recurring Revenue creates complexity in the ongoing sales process.  For being successful, the team has to provide solutions to the issues. Concentrating on providing the best solution to the customer will make you an appropriate fit for them. To make a long-term contract with your customers, you need to build their trust and justify your value through the best services. It also needs to be remembered that you don't ask for a large amount in the early stages of your sales.




14. Exceed customer expectations


It is not necessary that they should fulfil the expectations, but exceeded whenever possible. There are certain expectations arise during the sales process between support and sales department of MSPs. To encourage long-lasting relationships, selling the right services under the correct timeline is the key to strengthen the bond.


Selling wrong services and over-delaying can skew the client's expectations. To ensure this, having effective communication and avoiding assumptions is significant.





15. Be Patient


In MSP, nothing happens quickly. It has a long process of lead generation, sales, payment and possession. Keep it into your brain that the sales process is long and takes time for being rewarding and prosperous. You need to be positive and patient. A long view of success should have collaborated between you and the MSP organization.


The sales industry is ever growing and you will have to follow certain norms before the achievements.




16. Build Expert knowledge


To build expertise, you can train your staff like professionals or employ a sales expert team. If you are really expecting the better outcomes in MSPs growth and revenue, hiring an efficient sales staff is advisable. If you can't afford to hire a new sales staff, provide the best industrial training to the already existing employees. You might have the best salesperson within your team itself. Ask your sales expert for direct interaction with the clients.





17. Choose your sales team


Select your sales team wisely. Check for the distinct qualities that demonstrate their chances of being outstanding. Your sales team will ultimately represent your organisation, so make sure they are personable and confident. They must possess a basic understanding of the services and technology.





18. Invest for training


After selecting the in-charge person for sales, training is prerequisite. Several industrial events offer training opportunities for MSPs. In several meetings, various MSPs get together for knowledge transfer to one another. The industry experts impart education and training sales to marketing and technical support. Other sources of training are meetings of IT experts, summits and marketing sessions. 





19. Promote your business


Make your brand a valuable asset and make a strong reputation with clients. It is important to know how your clients and customers perceive your character. Have a smart communication, don't send too overconfident. People should relate to your brand and understand clearly. Clients want processes and transaction on time. Have a clear understanding of clients' expectations and provides the best and simple solutions.






20. Effective Communication


Effective communication through regular calls and emails will make you stay on top in market trends. It is a reliable way for effective sales methods. Be in touch with the clients and keep promoting your business to stand out in the competitive edge. Initiate two-way communication, listen to the client's queries and be always ready for feedback.





21. Be Genuine and confident


If you are not an expert in the sales field, then don't showcase yourself as such. The new bees want to get attention in a short span and wish to generate new revenues. If you are not a pro in this field, you can still enhance your service and products knowledge and draw value to your company prospects. To sound confident, you need to have the right tone. For customer support, the first step should be to know about their requirements. Show your interest by willing to listen and address their needs.





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