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Hello Everyone, how are you? I hope you are well. In this content, we are gonna cover the possible and simple ways of earning money through the online platform in a very genuine and professional way. The content is for all those members who are searching for a part-time earning source online. Let's not waste your more time now; let's just dive into the content for which you are here.

Before starting the content, I just want to tell you that I am a freelancer and the founder of S4R

Just visit my web for more information. So let's begin!

As you know that there are many sources of earning money online. We will discuss some of the significant causes.

1. Fiverr

2. Amazon Affiliate.

3. A2hosting Affiliate.

4. Hostgator Affiliate.

5. Content Writing.

6. Fast2sms Affiliate.

Now we will be discussing all those above programs more elaborately.Proper Marketing

(1) Fiverr:- It is one of the largest online platforms throughout the world in the case of providing freelancing opportunities to the needers. As you all know that this platform provides you many numbers of possible ways of earning online. Here you will find people making creative. Because in this world, "The more creative you can be, the more opportunity you discover." For, eg, if you are looking for a professional website building, you can easily find this on Fiverr. There will be many website builders from every nook and corner of the world. You just need to contact them for your work at an affordable price. So now you might be thinking how will I be earning from this platform. It's so simple.

(a) You just need to create your account on Fiverr.

(b) Setup your profile completely so that whenever buyers come up to your profile, they must be impressed by just scrolling down to your profile. And this is the way your getting of order becomes higher.

(c) Create a gig. Now some of you might be thinking what gig is? Let me tell you in brief. The gig is nothing but a type of like banner (You can consider) where you will be filling all the necessary details about what you gonna provide to your needers. Like if you are an expert in logo designing, website building, creating backlinks, websites like E-commerce, etc. all those you can add in your gig. But you must place separate gig for separate topics.

(d) While making a gig, try to keep the amount at a minimum range. Like for logo designing (5 -7) $, E-commerce web (50 -80)$ etc. It depends on you how much you gonna set. I have just shown you a demo.

(e) Check Your gig properly once again if there comes an error. 

Note:- I haven't get through all the small topics. I have just given you an upper idea of making a gig.

(f) Now Publish it on Fiverr & wait for people comes to you. And remember, try to complete the order which you get from Fiverr before the given schedule. For, eg, You have given a time of finishing the order in 5 calendar days. Try to finish it within three days because it makes your impression better from the respect of needers, and they give valuable feedback about you, which will be increasing your sales more in the future. Hope you understand what I mean to say to you.


2. Amazon Affiliate:- As you all know that Amazon is the largest platform where you all get all the necessary accessories. Now the question arises how you will earn through amazon. Let's discuss it here.

(a) Sign in to the amazon affiliate here today and earn commissions on every sale you generate through your unique link.

(b) After you sign in to affiliate, you can create banners, you can link to any particular page or else you can redirect them to a specific (product for eg shoes)

(c) Once people enter through your link, the cookie will save in their device and whatever they order, the direct commissions you will be getting per orders.

In this way, you earn through amazon affiliate.


3. A2hosting Affiliate:- This company is offering you to promote their products through your unique affiliate link content, social media, etc. Sign in to their affiliate here for promotional discounts. If the visitors buy from your link, then you generate commissions and also a very high amount around 80$. The more sale you provide them, the more commissions you receive. The minimum payout is 100$. After that, you can withdraw your amount on Paypal.

4. Hostgator Affiliate:- This company is also the same as a2hosting, they provide hosting, etc at an affordable price. So you can sign in to their affiliate here. 

(a) Promote your unique affiliate link through blogs, social media, etc

(b) when a particular viewer buy from your link, you get commissions on your affiliate account

(c) As soon as you reached the account balance to INR3200, you get paid in your bank account, within few days it reflects on your bank account.

5. Content writing:- You don't need to go anywhere for content writing because this platform is only providing you to write content and get paid per 1000 views on the respective article.


(a) You must write a long and described article to the readers a minimum of 800 words.

(b) The content should be unique.

(c) You can create internal links in the content and can highlight the respective keywords.

(d) You should not copy paste articles from other websites. If you did such activities,, you will be terminated by the site admin.

(e) Create your own images. Do not use copyright.

In this way, you earn.


6. Fast2sms Affiliate:- This is the affiliate program of our famous YouTuber, namely SidTalk. 

Process of earning from fast2sms-

(a) Sign in to this affiliate here. You earn a bonus if you sign in from here and follow the provided procedures.

(b) Copy your unique referral link.

(c) Spread this on the social media platform.

(d) Recommend people to signup from this link

(e) As they sign You from this link; the dashboard will show the signup perusers.

(f) Whenever they add balance to their account, you get a commission of 30% per referral.

For, eg:- someone added INR10,000 in the account. You generate a commission of INR3,000 per referral

In this way, you generate income smartly in this era. I hope you will understand the knowledge given in the content. But still, if you have any doubt, contact me here.


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