How to earn money online in 2020 from anywhere in the world.

How to earn money online is the question that occurs in our mind when we get to know that it is not just only possible, it is a very wide field with full of great opportunities. People who have established themselves in this field not just earn a lot but can do so in very little time. You have probably seen a lot of articles about how to make money online? or how to make money from home? But these type of articles never gives you a proper idea about how to get started. Today, in this article, we will talk about the ways on how to make money online in detail and why should you chose this field of earning.

How to earn money from home

The best thing about making money online is that you can do it by sitting at your home and enjoy the comfort of your home. You can work any time you want. There is no proper schedule. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection. You can also decide how many hours you are going to work in a day.

The best thing about this topic of how to earn money online is that you can get started without investing any money. All you need is just a little effort and patience. You can earn money online on a full-time or half-time basis. If you dont want to leave your current job, you are most welcome and still, you will be making a handsome amount of money.

Ways on how to make money online

So let's jump into business without wasting any more time. There are a lot of ways on how to earn money online, but here I will be talking about the legit ways and works on a long term basis and once you get established, you will be making an unbelievable amount of money every month. I am not going to talk about the shortcut methods that do not have any future and dont give you enough money to support yourself or your family. 

So now I am listing some of the most popular and legit ways on how to earn money online and I will be explaining them to you one by one-

  • Freelancing
  • Content writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Youtube
  • Teaching Online


When it comes on how to earn money online by freelancing, It is not possible to answer one line, but I will do my best to make you understand this topic.

When you complete a job given by a client whom you found online and after completing the job you get paid online. There are so many websites where you can find this kind of clients but beware of the fake ones. Some of the legit and popular websites are- Upwork, Fiver, People per hour etc.


There are plenty of jobs you can find on these websites. Some of them are listed below-

Data Entry

This type of jobs requires a little knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and the ability to search online and gather information for your client. The competition in this field is high.


If your typing speed is good you can make good money by doing transcribing jobs. Transcribing is nothing but converting an audio file to a text file.

Graphic design or Web development

If you are good at graphic designing or web development you can earn money from these freelancing sites. If you dont have any knowledge about this type, the best you can do is to do an online course.

Freelance Writing

If you are good at writing and have a little bit of knowledge about SEO then you can pursue this niche of freelancing.

There are so many other kinds of jobs available in Freelancing, these were few popular niches out there. You can go to Freelancing websites and check what niche suits you best.


Content Writing in itself is a field when it comes to how to earn money online. I know I have listed writing in the Freelancing section but there are other ways in which you can make money by writing and publishing your content online. The first thing you have to do is to choose a topic (niche) in which you can create content. Choosing a niche is very important in this field.

The second important thing is to learn SEO. SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) helps you to rank your content on the first page of google. There are a few ways to get started in this field.

Creating your blog or website

When it comes to how to earn money online, creating a website for yourself and creating your content is a very popular way. You can create a website on Wordpress or other platforms with very little investment and start writing on the topic you have chosen. But remember that doing SEO is very important to get traffic on your website. If you can't do SEO by yourself you can always hire professional freelancers. Creating a website and ranking it on google is a time-consuming process, so you have to have patience. 

Writing contents for different websites

If you are not ready to create your website now, you can simply write contents for other websites online like Upwork, Guru, TextBroker, Listverse etc. 


Affiliate Marketing is next in our list of how to earn money online. Affiliate Marketing is promoting products of other companies or websites in your website and whenever customers buy from your shared affiliate link, you get paid by the company or website.  

First, you will have to sign in their affiliate program like Amazon Associates ( the affiliate programme for Amazon) and then choose a product from their website. The website will generate an affiliate link particularly for your account and you will have to share this link in your website or any other media you like where you think that people may come and buy from your link.

The best way to do Affiliate Marketing is to create a website and promoting the product you want to sell. You can do an honest review of the product and share the affiliate link. You can check out courses available on Youtube about Affiliate Marketing. 


Creating a channel on Youtube is another effective answer to the question of how to earn money online. Almost everyone you know uses youtube daily for different purposes but how many you know are trying to make money from Youtube? 

Having an established channel on youtube can not only just make you rich but it can also make you famous. It is not easy to create and rank a channel on Youtube in 2020 but it is never late to get started when it comes to how to earn money online. 


If you dont want to show your face, you can create content with only your voice. It is even possible to create video content without showing your face or voice. You just need to work hard.


Learning online is a growing field on the Internet nowadays and it also opens a door to a solution to the question of how to earn money online.  If you are confident that you can give lessons on a particular subject, there are so many websites on the Internet that give you the platform to teach online. 


I have tried my best to guide the beginners who want to make money online and give a proper solution to the question of how to earn money online. The ways mentioned above need your time and effort. Always remember that there is no shortcut to earn money either online or offline. You have to work hard and have patience. Results come when you dont give up.


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