How to show life that you are a pro.

Nothing in this world is easy or tough, everything is just the illusion of our mind ..if you think the work to be tough then definitely it will become tough because our mind has already set this up that this work is tough and I can't do it . We  had already set this up in our mind that we can't do it and our body  will go according to that thought and will work accordingly to it. So the first thing which comes out of this paragraph is that you should have faith on yourself and you should never give up when you failed once or twice . If your life is challenging you show the life that you are the pro . Show your life that I am your's dad . Be hero in your life don't feel and make yourself zero just beacuse of your life .

* Faith and the attitude of never giving up: 

You should have the attitude of never giving up. Me myself has experienced it that when we don't give up and just stick to one work with extra knowledge and power then 100 percent we will achieve it. I have used this attitude in many fields of my life so I am requesting you not to think that I can't do this ..if you can't then who can and if he can then why we can't .My first article failed and don't get approved after 4 times being failed  I don't give up and that article is one of the popular post now. You must be knowing about Arunima Sinha - the world's first female amputee to climb Mount Everest ...not only this but many other tall mountains too. she don't think that I can't climb the tallest mountain because I am disabled ...she don't give excuse there and just have faith in herself. But she failed to reach the smaller peak first but she don't give up and just because of her attitude of never giving up she just achieved success... fame... money and respect  . Just because of her faith when everyone was opposing her decision ..she is known worldwide. So you don't want to achieve the same type of success??? Maybe next I will be taking the example of yours and motivating others with your life experience. So don't you feel the desire to work hard . If you don't know the story of arunima sinha and want to  know about her then just tell me in comment section. Not only her but many others are successful because they have an attitude of never giving up. You doubt yourself you are not confident about your abilities and strengths.  Try to motivate yourself because no one is gioing to do it for you . The best motivation is our inner motivation.. try to listen your inner voice in right way . 

Push yourself, because noone else is going to do it for you.

Your inner motivation is much more powerful than the motivational speech of Eric Thomas - one of best motivational speaker of the world. 

* Excuses : 

The next problem is that we just make excuses for the work which we think that we can't do. You think that my financial conditions are not good that's the reason that I am not still successful  or you may make other excuses like that I am disabled... I want to be the mountain climber but I don't have one leg ... I want to be the dancer but I have no leg .... I want to be the shotter but I lost my right hand in some accident and now you are just making excuses ... trust me these are the most silly excuses you are making. Think about Arunima sinha or about Karoley . Do you know about Karoley he was the first shooter to win two gold Olympic medals without his right hand . He don't see his disability...rather than to cry over his disability...he tried to manage with his left hand and that become his strength. Just focus on what you have rather than to cry over what you don't have . Life is not hard but it becomes hard just because of us ... beacuse we just expect ease from our life. Sometimes   it happens that our life don't work according to what we planed and when we just lose hope and faith from ourselves then you will never be able to achieve what we want .


* Be happy : 


Your life will treat you in many different different ways sometimes it may be harder than iron or sometimes it may be sweeter than chocolate. But you should not change your mood so much according to your work . If you failed and if you are in your hard times or when there is some financial conditions which makes you sad then you should not be soo sad that you are forced to commit suicide due to frustration and if you achieved something  then don't be so happy that will make your life in problem futher because when you will achieve success then you will forget your hard times and will consider everything easy and you may get the addiction of happiness or success and on little failure further in your life you will be broken so hard . So understand what I am trying to make you understand is that be balanced in our life . On achieving don't roam in sky be on the ground and on failures Don't dug yourself into the ground. It's ok...time changes but your mood should not be effected on large level . Stay happy fir some time but don't just fly in sky . Don't give the right to success or failure to disturb your normal mood at high level.Nothing should disturb your inner peace of your mind . Don't care much about world . First care about your inner self and then the next priority should be your career and other society issues. 

If you are doing a work in which you are interested but your society is not willing to talk to you just because of that work and then you feel to leave your work and may get worried . Listen ... I told it earlier too and now I am repeating the same thing that don't let someone to disturb your mind . Why you give them this right.  Think about yourself first and let others go to hell . It's your life and just live it maybe tomorrow is there or no for us . Society will say thousands of things .. it's the work of our Indian people  don't change for someone . Listen to your heart friends.

Just remember this... nothing can be achieved so easily in this world...just know that your life is just a game when you level up then your life is waiting for you to surprise you with more difficulties . Don't demand ease from your life... come out of this comfort zone. Show life that you are the pro in this game and challenge it to treat you with something more horrible. Don't be the slave of your life become the boss and then let your life to follow your orders bro . You have to try hard to achieve something good. 


If you have some question or want to share your views on this topic then don't forget to comment below. Hope it helped you guys     if you want to know why still we are not successful and you can check my first post . Stay at home and stay safe . Thank you.


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