How twins are born, symptoms, causes

Many women want twins.  Having a twin at the time of conception depends on a number of reasons.  Having twins is a natural way.  You cannot adopt any remedy or treatment for this.  It is not only the mother's responsibility to have a twin child, but both mother and father also have to play an important role in this.  Women should be fully aware of how connected children are born.  What are the types, symptoms, causes, and facts related to having twins?


How twins are born, symptoms, causes

Many couples want to have twins.  So today in this article, you are being told all the things related to twins.  In this, you are told about how twins are born, types of twins, signs of having twins, reasons for having twins and facts related to having twins.

The number of identical-looking babies is one-third of the number of twins.  While two-thirds of the children are different from each other.  Which shows that one out of every three attached children is identical.  The other two twins look different.

Monozygotic twin

Identical-looking twins (monozygotic) occur when the egg is fertilized by a sperm.  But after some time, this egg splits into two.  In this way, identical-looking twins are born.  Both of these children have the same genetic structure.  Both these twins will be either boys or girls.  In this type of twins, a child cannot be a girl and another boy.


When two different eggs are fertilized in a woman's uterus, different-looking twins are born.  The genetic structure of these children varies.  Both of these twins look like common siblings, and they are quite different from identical twins.  In this type of twins, a child can also be a girl and other boys.

Signs of having twins.

Many types of symptoms and signs are seen in a pregnant woman when she has twins.  These signs and symptoms are further known.

Heartbeat check

After the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetal heartbeat can be detected by Doppler (Doppler / fetal heart sound tester).  Experienced doctors can detect the heartbeat of twins with this machine.  But, many experts call this method incorrect, saying that the heartbeat of a single child can be detected from any part of the mother's abdomen.

High HCG level

Higher levels of ACG in women also point towards twins.  HCG hormone is related to pregnancy.  However, an increase in its level cannot be considered a symptom of having a full-fledged twin.  With this, the doctor can only guess after which some more tests are to be done to confirm there are twins, it depends on your doctor.

Unusual results of the AFP test

Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP / AFP) test is also known as maternal serum (Serum/fluid) screening.  This test is done during the second trimester of a pregnant woman.  This test is used to detect fetal birth defects and to measure a certain amount of protein secreted from the fetus's liver.  Such testing is done to confirm twins.  Its unusual results point towards twins.
Uterine stretch.

During pregnancy, most doctors estimate fetal age based on the length of the uterus and lower abdomen.  Women who have a stretch in the uterus and are larger than a normal fetus may have twins.  In general, it refers to twins in pregnancy, but there can be many other reasons for this condition.
Weight gain is the main reason.

There can be many reasons for weight gain during pregnancy.  This is usually due to incorrect eating habits.  A woman's weight gain depends on her length, physical appearance, and pre-pregnancy weight.  Having twins in the womb increase the weight of women by about 4.50 kg as compared to those who are normally pregnant.
(Read more - Weight gain measures in pregnancy)
Morning sickness in pregnancy


During pregnancy, more than half of women have to suffer from nausea or vomiting in some form or the other.  Many women experience more nausea or vomiting in pregnancy when they have twins.  While many women do not.  That is why it is not necessary for a woman to have more vomiting every time she has twins during pregnancy.

Premature fetal movement.

This symptom is a matter of controversy in the medical world.  It is said that in pregnancy, the fetus starts to move prematurely, indicating there are twins in the womb.  That is why it is said that feeling the baby's movement before normal pregnancy is a symptom of having twins.

Extreme fatigue

During pregnancy, women become tired due to stress, work, and responsibilities.  However, in many cases, the woman feels tired even when she has a twin child in her pregnancy.  In this, the fatigue of a woman's body is considered to be related to providing nutrition to more than one child.


Family history and forebears associated with twins.

Many women have twin children in their families.  Apart from this, many women are already aware that she will give birth to twins.
There can also be many other signs of having twins.  To confirm this, you should only rely on the ultrasound test.

How twins are born, symptoms, causes


What are the reasons for having twins -

Identical looking twins

  (Monozygotic) The reasons for having children are not known.  1 in 250, pregnant women have the possibility of having such twins.  With this, all women have equal chances.  The possibilities of such twins do not last for generations.

A different looking twin.

  (Dizygotic) The following are the reasons for having children.

This type of twinning is more common in some racial groups.  Nigeria has the highest rate of such twins, while Japan has the lowest rate.
Older women are more likely to have different-looking twins.  This is because many older women make more than one egg during ovulation.

This type of twinning prevails in some women from generation to generation, this is because many women have a genetic tendency to produce more than one egg in their bodies.
In vitro fertilization (in vitro fertilization / IVF / IVF / artificially method of conception) increases the likelihood of having a twin baby, as it can transfer more than one fetus.  According to one study, the chances of having twins are more in the IVF system than in general.

Facts related to having twins?

A woman needs to consume at least 2700 calories per day when she has twins during pregnancy.  In this, you can take additional vitamins and minerals on the advice of the doctor.  In addition, during pregnancy, a woman may develop anemia, as the development of two fetuses requires additional blood.  For proper fetal development, your doctor may advise you to take high amounts of folic acid.  (Read more - What to eat in pregnancy)
Women gain weight when they have twins in pregnancy.  Because of which women are uncomfortable.  In this state, women need regular rest.  Due to which the pain and swelling in the feet during pregnancy can be reduced.

During twins, a woman may have a variety of problems.  Like -

  1. Preterm labor
  2. Premature rupture of membranes
  3. Uneven growth
  4. High blood pressure in the pregnancy
  5. Pre-eclampsia
  6. Diabetes in pregnancy

Doctors regularly check for these problems during pregnancy.

There are more chances of having a c-section (cesarean delivery) when there is a twin in the womb.  It may also have a normal delivery, but the condition and weight of children, the health of women and the health of children, etc. are tested first.
Childbirth is more common than usual.
In the same way, there are many more


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