Internship-The Most Strategic Way To Kick Start Your Career

                      Importance of Internships:

The Most Strategic Way To Kick Start Your Career



Gone are the days where the number of candidates was less, and the job opportunities were more. Today, where hundreds of hundreds of students are passing out every year, getting placed in your dream company feels like a catch-22, especially if you have zero work experience. The recruitment process has changed, and most importantly, the recruiter’s expectations have shaken things up.


When hiring for a job role, recruiters are looking for someone who sounds technical and has exposure to the cooperate industry. Apart from the academic scores and domain knowledge, the candidates with an intern get an edge over others. Therefore, opting for an intern is a must for every candidate looking to kick start their career in their respective field.

So, what exactly is an internship program?


In precise, an internship is an official program offered by employers to the most suitable employees. Herein the internship program, the employee gets an exposure to the real worlds, and how they cooperate world works. The intern learns from the experienced professionals of the organization and develops the job skills required in the industry. For instance, a candidate applying for an Intern in Google as a Data Analyst, you will learn from the company's veterans on how to collect and store data, maintain accuracy, write efficient codes, and many similar pieces of stuff in the internship.




Let's talk about different types of Internships


Internships come in different forms. Summer internships, winter internships, semester-break internships, college internships, and externships are most in common. To categorize in general, they are mainly classified into two types, paid and unpaid internships. Let’s have a look at two main types of internships and how do they differ.


1. Unpaid Internships: Almost 70-80% of the internships fall under this category, which means the internship programs are unpaid- the interns do not get any stipend from the organization. The organization believes that the interns came to learn. If you are a fresher, then you must enroll for an unpaid internship. Learn first-you can earn later, anyways.


2. Paid Internships: Unlike unpaid internships, this is a type of intern program where you get to earn besides learning. The organization pays its interns for their work, and treat you like a temporary employee of their organization. You get stipend during the internship periods. The good news is: if you impress the organization with your hard work and determination, you can convert your internship into a full-time job. 




Which one to choose?


Well, the simple answer to this question is it depends. But that's not why you came here, right. To keep it simple, know what you want and why you want to opt for an internship? Are you applying for internships merely to decorate your resume, to gather work experience, earn a little extra, or any other personal reasons? Once you answer these questions, picking the right internship becomes as easy as walking in a park. 



Whatever internship program you choose, the perks of internships are priceless. Most of the internship programs are short, but some prolong to months. Well, it depends on company to company. Here are some of the highlights on what you will get on choosing the right internship. Let’s have a look.


1. Get a real work exposure


You may have abundant knowledge of swimming, but to be a good swimmer, you have to dive into the water. The same logic follows in the co-operate world. You may, without a doubt, have superb domain knowledge, but to become an expert, you need to work in real life. So, opting for an internship is a no-brainer; it gives you a real-life exposure. Working as an intern, you will understand more effectively than mere reading in theory. In case you happen to be a fresher, you will experience real work exposure for the first time.




2. Allows to demonstrate your hard work


Do you have a passion, that burning desire to go beyond your limits for the sake of your dream? If yes, then the internship is the best platform to demonstrate your skills. Show your talents and work skills here, this is the right time. Whatever set of skills and knowledge you have acquired, it’s time to express now as an intern. Show the employer your hard work, and why you can make a difference in their firm. The time in an internship may be the best time to reach the zenith from the bottom of the ladder.



3. Enables to work with professionals


What's a more efficient way of learning skills than getting trained by the field expertise. Working with professionals is probably the most beneficial reason for opting for an internship, especially for freshers. Those who already work in any firm maybe knowing the tricks of the trade, but for freshers, things are not the same. The internship allows interns to work with professionals and get a chance to express their skills. 



 4. Get unforgettable feedbacks


The best way to learn is through our mistakes. In the internship, you will definitely make mistakes but also get an unforgettable experience. As you will be under the supervision of professionals, you will get feedback from them. The professionals who are there in their respective fields will correct you and share their feedback on your work. You will come to know your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Now that you know the real you, it becomes easy to work on the lagging areas and improve for the better.



5. Extend your reach


The professional world is all about where you stand and how many people know your worth. Increasing the network is the best way to connect people to your field. Undoubtedly, an internship is a platform that enables you to extend your network and meet new people. Herein besides learning, you all get in touch with your industry professionals. Communicate with people, make friends, and extend your reach as much as possible. This will not only increase your network but also help you in the long run.



6. Increase your employability chance


Lastly, a higher employability chance is the essential benefit of working as an intern. Use internship certificates on your portfolio-it to increase your employability chance. Companies know the importance of an interned employee. Depending on your internship reports, you will get more job opportunities knocking on your doors compared to your other batch mates. But it all depends on how you perform in your internship.




Wait a minute….


Now that you understood the perks of internships, here is the last thing to note. Make sure you utilize this limited intern time on upgrading and learning skills. There are many companies where they hire interns directly after the successful completion of an internship. But not all are the same, so better conduct your research to find the companies who accept. Everything depends on what you have acquired, and to what extent?


Once you complete your first internship, beef up your resume, and apply for your dream job in your favorite company. If done well, you will surely have an edge on others, and you will get a selection on your dream job. Besides, work on your soft skills so that it doesn’t become a barrier in your selection process. Self-check, and see the areas you need improvements. 


Thank You For your Precious Time.

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