Coffee shop business opportunities provide huge benefits

For those of you who have money and want to start a business, certainly think what business is profitable but has long prospects? One business that can last a long time and is always sought is a business that provides necessities, one of which is coffee. Drinking coffee has become a tradition for many people everywhere ranging from people in the village to the people in the city.

Basic Price of $20 Sold at $50

Coffee drinking habits have existed since time immemorial. When social media began to mushroom, the coffee shop became a place to meet. gathering in coffee shops is mostly done from teenagers, students to office employees and others. This certainly opens up great opportunities for those of you who want to open a coffee shop business. To start a shop that sells coffee does not have to have big capital.

You can start by opening a coffee shop by utilizing the yard, porch, garage and even the living room of your house. Although it looks trivial but many coffee enthusiasts actually want to drink coffee in a place that makes it feel like home. Do not forget, coffee shops can also produce enormous turnover.

Maybe you are still thinking how much investment costs to invest in opening a coffee shop. For example, a coffee shop that opens at home certainly does not pay rent unless it pays for electricity and wifi. Now we try to calculate the main capital, namely the price of coffee. The price of Arabica green coffee beans has been bought directly from farmers, the price is only $ 6 / kilogram. When it is roasted, the price of ground coffee can reach $ 16.5- $ 20 / kilogram.

While the price of 1 cup of arabica type coffee is the cheapest for $ 1 per cup. From 1 kilogram of coffee powder can be made into about 50 more cups. So the net profit of 1 kilogram of arabica ground coffee can reach $ 30. That's just the sale of coffee, not snacks such as snacks and soft drinks. In addition to the huge profits from selling coffee, there are many reasons why a business opening a coffee shop is a good business opportunity.

Very Large Coffee Fans Market

Coffee fans come from various backgrounds, so the coffee shop business has a very broad market. All people from the lower classes to upper classes, starting from adolescence to adults, love coffee. Only a small percentage do not like coffee. But don't worry, because if it is served in the form of a cold drink with a whipped cream then people who don't like to drink coffee will not refuse.

This is what makes the coffee shop business can achieve huge profits because those who don't like coffee can turn into coffee. However, to be able to reap huge profits, you also have to provide a variety of coffee menus that coffee enthusiasts like and those who don't like to drink black coffee. A comfortable place and affordable price and good service is also a plus.

Daily Income From the Coffee Shop Business

Unlike other types of businesses, a coffee shop business allows you to have a daily income. Thus the cash flow is maintained well. Moreover, coffee shop turnover will increase on holidays such as weekends and school holidays or national holidays.

Not only that, the habit of many people who like to drink coffee in the morning before leaving for work or going to the office also opens your opportunities to achieve greater daily income compared to other businesses.

Simple Ways of Presentation

Coffee shop business is not like other businesses, especially food with high competition. If you want to start a coffee shop business then you can start offering a simple menu. This makes it easy for anyone to open a coffee shop business. You can make a coffee menu with a mixture of cappuccino, green tea, moca, milk, and other mixes such as trawberry juice. You can also serve snacks that can be enjoyed while drinking coffee, such as hotcakes, french fries, burgers, spaghetti, cakes and other snacks.

Simply Provide a Comfortable Place

To open a coffee shop, you don't need to rent a large shop or expensive expensive buildings. Already many coffee shops are located in art galleries, workshops, garages, parks, homes. It is unique and liked by many people to come again, because guests feel like at home. You can also provide facilities such as free WiFi, bathrooms, air conditioners and power outlets. This will make it easier for those who want to enjoy coffee.

Coffee Shop Concept Design

Before starting to build a coffee shop, make a draft coffee shop concept carefully first. The conceptual design can start from:

1. Coffee shop type

There are many types of coffee shops that you can specify, ranging from simple coffee shops for the general public to coffee shops for the middle class to upper class coffee shops. Especially first determine which target market you want to shoot, then prepare the concept of the coffee shop like what you want to build.

2. Target market consumers who will be addressed

Determine the target market at the beginning before starting a business because it is an important step. Because that way, you already have a shadow about what kind of coffee shop you want to run. If you already know the target market you are going to, then you will easily determine the next steps.

3. What strategies are carried out

Building a business is indeed not easy, but can be fought for. Therefore, starting a business requires careful preparation so that later your business can run smoothly. Starting from business diversification, devising strategies to capture the market, developing products to determine the concept of the type of promotion you want to do.

4. Future plans

In addition, you also need to learn what planning will be done to develop your business. You also have to learn who your competitors are and how to deal with the competition in the future so that your business can run.

So, there is no reason to delay opening a coffee shop business because the prospects are very bright and the guarantee is profitable.

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