Self-Quarantine: Activities to at home in Coronavirus Quarantine

Self-Quarantine: Activities to at home in Coronavirus Quarantine 

The impact of the Coronavirus has put the world down to its knees. The death records are devastating. Worst of all, the numbers are reaching heights. In response to lessen the number of deaths- social gatherings are shut down. The health experts have asked to quarantined and practice social distancing

For some, staying in homes in Coronavirus Quarantine may seem lifeless without hitting the gym or roaming around the malls? But for others, it is an escape from the busyness of the monotonous life and a time for family togetherness

Here is a list of amazing things to do at home in this passive Corona Quarantine environment to keep yourself relax, healthy, and productive. 

Productive Things to do at home in Coronavirus Quarantine

 1. Sweat off for 20-minutes

Ask a gym enthusiast what it feels like missing the gym walls. If you are a gym lover, you will feel the vibes. But the truth is you don't necessarily a gym membership to stay fit-all you need is a mindset to start. Check out all the best home exercises shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger that anyone can do at home. Practice these home-workouts to keep your fitness flow active.

2. Reconnect your inner bookworm

Despite social distancing, you can travel back to your memories and reconnect your hidden bookworm. If your busy schedule didn't spare time to read, self-quarantine is probably the best time. If you are someone you don't read often, then you can choose a book of your choice and start reading. Spending time on reading is undoubtedly the best investment you can put on yourself. 

3. Watch TED Talks Videos

All the great leader has a common habit-listening. Time spend on TED Talks is an investment where you will get a priceless return on investment (ROI) throughout your life. All the best part is – the videos are free of cost. Get encouraged by the eminent personalities of the world, and see how they made a difference. Keep a notepad to jot down the points you think is worth remembering.

4. Write a grateful list 

Remember the last time you thought you couldn't achieve something, but you challenged yourself and did it perfectly well? That WOW feeling. You don't need to be a professional writer to be thankful for- all you need is a pen and a piece of paper to start. Be honest with what you write. The list you make in self-quarantine will not only make you feel happy but also help in hard times when you need motivation the most.

5. Gain financial knowledge

Like workouts are necessary for your physical health, financial knowledge is essential for wealth. Have you always craved for generating passive income? If yes, self-quarantine is undoubtedly the best time to understand the cashflow quadrant. Read, watch videos, plan—look for ways on how you can boost your financial literacy, and uplift your bank credits.

6. Use the SWOT technique

One of the most productive things to do in self-quarantine is analyzing yourself using SWOT. SWOT is an acronym of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. It is a self-actualization technique that will help you in all areas of life. Know the things you can do better than others, and at the same time, check on those that deserve your attention.

7. Challenge yourself

History books record with daring and dauntless people. Challenging is a great exercise to see your inner potential. Try something that you are scared to do or would fail in the first few attempts. For instance, if you use your right hand for writing, try using your left hand. If you have a habit of using a calculator even for simple arithmetic, try calculating numbers on your mind.   

8. Learn a new skill

Learning always pays off. Utilize the self-quarantine in learning new skills in the areas of your interest. Whatever suits the interest – writing, programming, public speaking, to name a few, are some of the most amazing things you can learn when you are at home, free from office work. If you always wished to learn a new language, this can be the best time to start.

9. Check your reading & typing speed

The ability to type fast with accuracy is a lifetime gift. Therefore, self-checking your typing speed is one of the challenging things to do in your free time. Check how many words per minute (WPM) you can type with your regular speed. If you want to improve your accuracy, challenge yourself with typing speed and see how you can increase.

10. Write a letter to your future 

The list of productive activities to do at home is incomplete without writing a letter to your future self. What seriously? Huh! What are your expectations from life? Be it financial, fitness, mental health, or whatnot, add everything in the list. Say, you want to gain weight or lose slim or merely want to maintain your present weight? Write it down in the health column. Likewise, fill the other sections that you want to achieve after the quarantine weekend.

An interesting and fun thing to do in Coronavirus quarantine


1.Organize your stuff

Home management is not something you do daily. The quarantine can be a great time to put your stuff together and arrange them in a presentable fashion. If your wardrobe looks messy, and this is the right time to pay a little attention. Organize what you need, and throw away all the unnecessary things you don't need any more or are least significant. 

2.Décor your resume  

If you are unhappy with your current job and looking for a switch, this is the right time to décor your resume. Update your resume, even if you are not searching for a job. The free time spent on your resume will help in the long run. Décor your resume by adding all the relevant work skills, internships, and experience you have accumulated. 

3.Interview your granny

If the romantic tales of Titanic takes you on cloud nine, think about the ecstasy you will get on hearing your granny's story. Ask your granny to narrate how she met your granddaddy. There are many things you won't get on google, but your granny knows answers to all. Why not ask now when you are free at home in quarantine.

4. Watch Oscar-winning movies 

Have you ever wondered how easy the time flies by when you are watching a movie? Watching movies is again a great way to make quarantine interesting. Conduct research on all the Oscar-awarded movies. Select and watch the ones that your interest. Watching the movies, you were not born is also a great idea.

5.Travel back to a time

Despite self-quarantine, you can travel backward in time with your old photographs. Take out the photos from your album, or from your laptop folder you never bother to check. They will take you back to the places, feelings, and attachments you had, but now it is just a memory. You will surely miss the moments but will smile at the same time.

6. Try a new recipe 

Ever thought of trying a recipe but never got the time? Let the inner chef come out of you in this self-quarantine. Prepare recipes you don't prepare on usual days like ice-creams, pancakes, spinach pastries, etc. Take the help of Your tube session, if needed, and try out your wish-listed recipe. Enjoy the togetherness, and spending time with family will make you happy and boredom-free. 

7. Give an old piece new life

A money-saving hack that anyone can use and turn useless items into something worthy. All you need is to find things around your home that you are not using anymore, and show your creativity stunts. For instance, you can use an old apple crate to make toy trunks, wall decorators, or create a mini bookshelf. Whether you are building and fixing, you won't feel bored in the quarantine.

8. Call a friend

Many times, we miss our old friends but get no time to call them. Relatable, right? Since you are socially disconnected- you can reconnect your old friend. Discuss all the tantrums you did on your school days, and you enjoyed fun moments together. Let them how much you miss them and the days you were together.

9.Create your favorite playlist

Apart from listening to your favorite music bands, create a playlist that you can use in the gym or in your leisure time. It's super easy, but you always miss it for some reason or the other. Utilize this quarantine to pick up all your favorite collection and put them together in a single list. So, the next time you come to your music folder, users can listen to all your favorite music from the playlist you created.

10.Clear up your storage

If you don't keep the clothes you don't need, then why are you keeping unnecessary files? It's time to clear up your mobile and laptop space. You probably won't need the screenshot you took months ago, right. Why block the storage and make room for junk files? Utilize this quarantine to free files and speed up your computer.


That's all. 

A Friendly Reminder

COVID-19 isn't a warning death knell but a wake-up call to health. Take care of your hygiene, maintain social distancing, and follow the instructions recommended by the World Health Organisation. Your health matters!


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