The secret of how to increase the number of views and YouTube subscribers quickly.

Just as Google's search engine uses a special algorithm, YouTube's way to display relevant and best videos for its users also uses its own algorithm. Therefore, to make your video content shine among thousands of other similar videos, while increasing the number of views, you must optimize your video exposure in YouTube search results. 

The first strategy for running marketing through Youtube

1. Create interesting content

Deciding to dive into a product marketing strategy via Youtube, means you must be prepared to produce interesting video content. If you are still an amateur in taking videos, you can hire the services of a freelance videographer whose image quality is clear. Leave it to them as well as what the edits are like. You just need to give them the concept you want. Even though your product is mediocre, if it is packaged with interesting video content, it will increase its selling value. People will prefer to see good quality content with ordinary products, rather than extraordinary products but the quality of the content is very bad. If necessary don't just show off your products, but also show a little story there. For example,60 you are selling a leather wallet, your video should not only contain the product but also try to include how the manufacturing process, to the story of its philosophical meaning. It doesn't need to belong, just short so the audience doesn't get bored. Upload the content regularly, for example, once a week or once a month. If your product is engaged in consulting services, you can share a variety of tips every day.


2. Make an interesting title

What the Youtube user first sees before clicking on a video is the title. The more interesting the title, the greater their desire to see it. So, even though your content is good, if the title is normal it might not be clicked, too bad. Trying to make a clickbait title doesn't hurt. Able to write half the sentences that make people curious and they are forced to click to know in full what is meant in the title. Don't be afraid of being blamed for clickbait, because this is indeed a product marketing strategy so that your video is seen and known by many people.

3. Attractive thumbnails

Just like the title, try to choose an attractive thumbnail. Thumbnails are photos that will be displayed as faces of your content or initial cover. So, both thumbnail and title both play an important role so that many people click. You can specify thumbnails from your content snippet, but you can also create new ones with a variety of attractive designs. Choose which one is most interesting and makes people easily click on your video. But keep in mind, the thumbnail must match and represent the contents of your content.


4. Logo to increase brand awareness

For a business, brand awareness is the most important aspect in introducing their products. Especially in the early days of the establishment of the business. The goal is to be known by many people and has its own characteristics. To increase brand awareness, several things are needed. One of them is a logo. Choice of shapes, colors, and symbols need to be combined as well as possible, adjusted to the brand name and the product being sold.

Now when you decide to do a product marketing strategy using Youtube, don't forget to put a small logo on each of your content. It is very important for a business to be known to many people and have their own peculiarities. If you've seen YouTube growth increasing every year, now you can imagine if this one social media is used as a means of your business. Wow! Seductive? Definitely! But before that you have to know what benefits you get if you use YouTube for business. Ideally, watching videos will get your customers to do something, like buying a product, promoting your business through their social media networks, giving feedback or looking for more information about your business or product.

You can include call to action on YouTube, such as inviting people to leave comments, rate videos, share videos, subscribe to videos or check your YouTube channel to see other videos. Or, use call to action to direct people to your site, or ask them to call your company or cellphone. Examples such as suggesting people to fill in promotional codes to receive free or discounted services.

Just as Google's search engine uses a special algorithm, YouTube's way of displaying relevant and best videos for its users also uses its own algorithm. Therefore, to make your video content shine among thousands of other similar videos, while increasing the number of views, you must optimize your video's exposure in YouTube search results.

Some ways to optimize YouTube search results that you can do

1. Add Target Titles, Tags and Descriptions

SEO not only applies when managing a blog, but also in managing YouTube channels. SEO optimization is important to watch for videos to appear on the first page of YouTube search results. Then the next way to add a YouTube viewer is to optimize search results with titles, tags and descriptions that are preferred by YouTube search engines. In making the title, try to contain keywords that are relevant to your video content. Do not write a title that is too long, because it will make it difficult for search engines to recognize the type of content that you upload. But don't be too short or too short. Make the title interesting, complete, clear, and concise.


2. Aim for a Niche that is much in demand by YouTube users

There are several categories of YouTube videos that have high interest. Some of them such as video gaming, tutorials, traveling, review, prank, and food. For example, many vloggers have achieved success through culinary videos or traveling videos around the world for free. Although it does not guarantee videos with these topics can increase the number of viewers to 2x. If you apply it followed by the following essential tips, it will be easier for you to get a lot of viewers than videos from a niche that is less desirable.


3. Focus on one topic or niche

After finding a video niche that is much in demand and that you like, the next step is to focus on one niche or topic that you have chosen. Make videos on the same topic consistently. Whether you choose a topic around games, gadget reviews, music, and so on. When viewers find that your video content is relevant to their interests and has added value to them, then they will definitely return and can certainly add to your YouTube viewer.


4. Link to Viral Topics

In addition to paying attention to the niche, you must also be sensitive to topics that are trending or viral. By following a trend that is being viral, you have the opportunity to get more viewers. You might find it a bit difficult to adjust the video according to the niche you choose with the trend that is being viral. But if you manage to do it, you will be easier to get more views.


5. Pay attention to Audio Quality

As a beginner YouTuber, maybe what comes to your mind is to make videos with quality visuals to make it viral. However, compared to video quality, audio is actually a very important factor to consider. Whatever interesting content you make, without the support of good audio or sound, people will be lazy to watch your video content. Learn how to be a video editor to make your audio and video quality more attractive and quality. Especially if you have absolutely no expertise in video editing, busy with other work, or do not have enough qualified equipment.


6. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborating can also be a very effective way to increase the number of views on YouTube. You don't have to always collaborate with famous YouTubers, you can also collaborate with other YouTubers who have the same niche as you. Not only is this an effective way to add a YouTube viewer, if your collaboration content is interesting and there is still a discussion with your collaboration partner, this will automatically increase the number of your subscribers. So, don't hesitate to start creating collaboration content.


7. Create a Video Giveaway to Attract an Audience

How to add a YouTube viewer on this one does require spending that may not be small. However, giving a giveaway can not only attract more viewers, but also increase your social media subscribers and followers. It doesn't have to be expensive items, just adjust it to the topics discussed by your YouTube channel. For those of you who are building a traveling channel, for example, you can give souvenirs from the city or country that you just visited.

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