10 best things to do in your free time when you are bored.


What to do when you are bored.


Number 1


Do Some Cleaning

When you feel like you have nothing to do, cleaning is a great way to be productive without having to engage in strenuous thinking. It doesn’t matter what you clean straighten up: your car, a room, or the kitchen. You will feel a real sense of accomplishment once you’ve finished. And the time you spend doing this is productive. Since cleaning and tidying require little mental concentration, it also gives you a chance to clear your mind of anything that worries you. You may even come up with some great ideas about the process!

Number 2 

Schedule Appointments

There are always those seemingly minor things you've meant to do, but just haven’t“gotten around to doing.”Well, your downtime is the perfect time to take care of them! Make an appointment with your hairstylist or physician, take your pet for a check-up or some much-needed grooming, or get an oil change in your car. It’s a great feeling when you can check off things as “done” on your to-do-list.

Number 3

Personal CareTaking

Spend Some Time On Personal CareTaking, proper care of yourself is - by definition- worthwhile. What better way to use your free time!? So think about what you can do to improve your appearance or hygiene. Tame your eyebrows, shave, exfoliate, moisturize your skin, and cut your nails. Not only will you look better, but you’ll also feel better too! You will also appear healthier. This will all serve to increase your self-confidence.

Number 4

Digital Devices organized

Get Your Digital Devices organized. Do you need to hoard all those files' email messages? Probably not! Go through your hard drive and emails. Delete files you no longer need and organize rest so that you can easily find them- if and when you need them. Create directories and folders that make sense. Organize them in such a way that it will be useful to you. You may also rediscover long forgotten treasures the process!

Number 5

Spent Time With Friends And Family

Call Your Long-Distance Friends, And FamilyYou probably has some friends and family that you haven’t spoken to in ages, but you never seem to get around to calling them. Now is a perfect time! Find a comfortable spot, grab your phone…and call them with your full attention. Your downtime is a great time to get back in contact with others and find out what kind of exciting things they’ve been to.

Number 6

Visit Local Historical site

Visit Local Historical site visits to famous historical attractions in your area are a pra productive and educational way to use your leisure time. There are undoubtedly several sites that you've never visited or haven’t been to in a long time. You’ll come to value where you live more, and you’ll learn a lot. You may also discover some interesting things- or people - in the process. Becoming better acquainted with your city or community will inevitably cause you to feel better about where you live. This can also serve to increase your overall sense of well-being.

Number 7

Make plans

Make Reservations For plans and Trips Are you intending to go on a trip? Or do you want to go out for a nice dinner? Then spend some of your free time on research. You will not only be better-informed about destinations and prices, but you’ll also be able to make early reservations. When you do research, you’ll at least discover some time and money-saving opportunities. Taking care of your plans and reservations will also relieve you of that “last-minute” stress.

Number 8


Read Something InterestingWhen did you last read an excellent book? Reading for pleasure is not only - well - pleasurable, but it could also be very productive. Reading for pleasure provides an escape from your daily concerns by getting you to focus on another reality. It is also suitable for your vocabulary and literacy- which are valuable assets for school or work. Furthermore, since reading stimulates the brain, it can help keep illnesses such as Alzheimer's or dementia at bay.

Number 9

New Exploring

Try Something NewExploring various interests are another great way to occupy your free time productively. It can help you get to know yourself better. Your interests might not always correspond with your abilities, but don’t be afraid t trying new things. You may be surprised to find that you are better at some activities than you expected. Who knows? You might have a natural talent for baking!

Number 10

Educational Entertainment Learning

Enjoy Educational Entertainment Learning can be entertaining, so find something do that is both fun and educational. Learning something new and expanding your knowledge is always of value. It will certainly do more for you than watching some old comedy rerun…And educational material is so easy to find! Technology - especially the Internet - offers loads of ways to learn while being entertained. Documentaries, podcasts, or instructional, educational videos like the ones we make, are easily available. Learning opportunities are just a click away- whether you are relaxing in your backyard sitting poolside at your hotel.

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