Top 10 Call of Duty Moments That Made Our Mind Blow.

Top 10 Call of Duty Moments That Made Our Mind Blow

When it comes to action, 1st person and role-playing games AND finding the best among them then there are just two games that are at the top, Battlefield and Call of duty. When we talk about the latter there are many instances that stay with us and all of its games are interconnected. This bonds us with the character. The same features amazing gameplay and an amazing set of graphics. After playing all of the Call Of Duty games available these are the top 10 of such scenes.

10 – The Fate Of Alex Mason – Black Opps 2

This was one of the most amazing and at the same time shocking ending of any call of duty games ever till date. Somehow you track down the Antagonist of the series, Raul Menendez who is a murderous extremist and you have the control of sniper rifle (Woods).  You shoot at his head and when you go near to the body you realize you shot down Alex Mason, the main Protagonist.  

9 – Menendez's bloody rampage – Black Opps 2

This is something when you become the villain and are able to look in their minds and see what made them this evil. You become Raul Menendez and watch through his rage filled eyes when he kills every soldier in his path to save his sister Josefina during a CIA raid to capture him. Bullets don’t affect him, grenades are nothing. You just have a shotgun and machete and of course ‘the rage’.  This is something that everyone enjoyed. It is said that: As A Child We Love The Hero’s, As An Adult We Understand The Villain                                 

8 - Planting the Russian flag at Reichstag – World At War

This is the moment where it doesn’t matter who you are but you will enjoy this moment. This scene may is the ending of the game as well as the ending of world war in Europe. The music, the smoke and everything and how Reznov is like you deserve this is the best thing ever. If you played it you know what I am talking about. This is the perfect ending.

7 – Hijacked Plane Sequence – Modern Warfare  3

This mission when you become part of the squad to keep the Russian president safe. But when the fighting starts Turbulence!!!! You are suddenly in zero gravity as the engine stalls. The fight after that is too realistic. And then you crash and the plane splits into two. It is one of the loved scenes in Modern Warfare series.

6 – No Russian – Morden Warfare 2

The time we got the message of extreme graphical content. The mission is what it says it is, kill everyone on the Russian airport. You become a deep undercover spy and enter the terrorist cell of Macrov. You go in and just open fire massacring everyone on the airport. And then comes the fatal escape – betrayed  - Macrov shoots the player in the head  and then the dead body is found out by the Russian that starts the world war 3 with the deception that USA had full responsibility of the Terrorist Attack. This is one of the main mission that sets the storyline for the whole series not just Modern Warfare 2.

5 - Behind enemy lines with Captain MacMillan – Mordern Warfare

This is one of the quite and intense mission that brings the user on the edge quite a number of times. Its good because it involves a lot of sniping and you are Captain Price. This is one of the difficult missions in call of duty series where you need your full mind to focus on what you are doing because one mistake and your cover is blown. You are deep behind the enemy lines and are also surrounded by radiations. And then you find out you are in Chernobyl. This is one of the best missions also.

4 – Ghosts Ending

If you have paid attention to the last part of the game. Where is Logan when Gabriel takes him, the same pit where he was tortured and converted against the ghost. This is one of the shocking endings if one paid attention.  We are left hanging and to decide ourselves what must have happened to him. We get horror as well as chills after finishing the game.  There is a satisfaction but it’s not lasting one but more of an imposed one.

Honorable Mentions before we Go to the Top 3


·         Makarov knows Yuri and Yuri witnessed number 3 – Modern Warfare 3

·         Death of Soap Mactavish – Modern Warfare 3

·         The origin of the number Mason used to see and the non-existence of Reznov during the whole gameplay. – Black Ops 1

·         The airstrike mission – Modern Warfare

·         Death of the fat man – COD World At War

3 – The aftermath of the Nuclear Bomb – Mordern Warfare

This scene came at an unexpected time. This scene was a little sad because our player dies and there is a nuclear blast in middle of IRAQ killing almost 3 million men as revealed by General Shepherd in  Modern Warfare 2. As we sit on the helicopter we see the blast taking place, followed by the helicopter turning and rolling on the ground and soldiers flying out. It is a scene to behold.  When we finally hit the ground and the we regain our conscious and somehow crawl out of the helicopter.  We see it’s snowing and then we realize it’s not snow but bits of the reaction.  We die as we see this. It is truly one of the most amazing thing in the whole Modern Warfare series.  It is quite intensified in the end and it fells that we will escape but that doesn’t happen if we believe the sources some players almost broke the console after the scene.

2 – Getting Revenge – Death of Makarov – Modern Warfare 3

This mission is the most satisfying mission and the last mission in the whole series. We become Captain Price, wear a jagaunaught suite and we rain havoc at the place where Makarov is. While wearing the suite no bullets can hurt us. In the elevator we lose it but the ending is more than satisfying, it is something we all asked for.  The best death given to anyone. After reaching the top he tries to escape but you crash his helicopter, wrap a cord around his neck, ride with his body to ground via a shattering skylight and then enjoy a cheeky cigar while you wait for evacuation. That's how you exact revenge. Every one who played the series from start to end was like that’s exactly what we wanted.

1 – The Betrayal No one Forgets – Modern Warfare 2

This is the scene where every gamer knows that this hurts the most.  We as Roach and with our partner Ghost go in a hill house to catch Makarov, but when he is not found you gather all the Info from that ‘gold mine’. When you somehow reach the extraction point you are hit with the bullet and ghost drags you to the chopper for extraction. But when General Shephard comes out he shoots both Ghost and roach in point-blank range. And then throws the body and pour fuel on it and light them up in cigarette.  Anyone who was sitting in the chair next to his PC almost has started feeling extremely bad and filled with anger. This scene is the scene no gamer can forget. Whenever the word betrayal comes forward this scene is the first thing that comes in anybody’s mind.  It is very well said: This hurts more than breakup does.


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Suraj Singha - Jan 28, 9:02 AM - Add Reply

Ghosts was the worst game of the series! Nobody remembers that. In my opinion, the death of Soap MacTavish would be the no.2 top moment

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