Top 10 Film Industries In India, Which Make An Impact As Well In The World.

Here you are going to give interesting information in this top 10 list. You must know that Bollywood is the largest and most film-producing industry in the world. Now as you would know, apart from the Bollywood film industries in India, there are many other films industries which have been doing well for many years.

The films are also very ahead in production and earnings. Do you know about the big film industries in India apart from Bollywood, if you also want to know about this, then you will get to read this top 10 list, and you will be surprised because we will get to know about the top 10 film industries of India? Get it done.

Actors and actresses of many countries of the world have worked in the Indian film industry and have also signed many upcoming films. India is a big country with a population of 130 crores, so there are huge employment opportunities in the film industry, so the actors and actresses from outside countries are interested in spreading their acting. Most films are shot in many places in India, the due, to which the budget of the film makers is also less. Now the Indian film industry has succeeded in making its fame all over the world, many films have also been selected for the Oscar Award.

1. Bollywood Largest Film Industry in India

First, let us tell you about the biggest film industry in India and you probably already know about it, which is called Bollywood Film Industry. Bollywood is the film industry producing most films in India; it is second largest film industry in the world. Only 36% of the Indian film industry produces the Tamil and Telugu film industry. The first film of Indian film cinema was in 1931, which was called "Almara". Bollywood is far ahead regarding earning. In 2017, 364 films were produced by Bollywood alone, which earned more than 15 thousand 500 crores. Due to the amazing earnings of this film industry, it is the largest film industry in India and second in the world.

2. Tamil Film Industry

Tamil film industry is known in India's most famous and big industry. Tamil cinema is also known as " Collywood ", if you want to know about its success, then stay connected with our top 10 list, know that the great actor Rajinikanth who is known for the action scene It is gift of Tamil cinema, and it is the highest paid actor of Asia and another actor named Kamal Haasan who has the highest number of the best actors. “National Award" He's also creation of the Tamil Movies. Tamil cinema has more than 1512 screens in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry itself. According to only 2017 figures, Tamil cinema has produced 198 films in which it has earned Four thousand 250 crores. Hence, it is second largest film industry in India.

3. Telgu Film Industry

The Telugu film industry, also known as Tollywood, is a film industry based in Hyderabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh which is a part of Indian film, and these films are produced in Telugu language. Raghupati Bankiyenadu is considered the father of the Telugu film industry, as he was the first voice film in Telugu cinema. This film outstrips all regarding production because of the Telugu film industry has the "Guinness World Record" of the ability to produce the largest film. It is a film industry with a lot of money-making which has more than 2800 theaters in the country. Films produced by Telugu cinema such as "Bahubali 2" and "Saaho" which have grossed 1810 crores and 600 crores. It is the most famous and third place film industry in India.

4. “Mollywood” Malayalam Film Industry

Like the Malayalam film industry, Kanad Cinema is a part of Indian cinema. Malayalam cinema may be far behind other Indian film industry regarding earning, but Malayalam cinema is known worldwide for its technical specialty and artistry of producing films. The first Malayalam cinema film was made in 1938, under the direction of director Sontani, titled "Walan". Malayalam films may not attract so much regarding earning, but if their fame and successful films are seen then they are doing much better. Kerala has 1100 screens to support Malayalam cinema. "My Dear Kochinathan" of Malayalam cinema was the first 3D film and the protagonist and heroine played well. Films made by Malayalam film industry seem to be real to a large extent and due to this specialty and fame, this film industry is the fourth major film industry in India.

5. Kannada Cinema Film Industry

Kanad cinema, also known as Sandalwood, is a part of Indian cinema where films are made in Kanad language. The film "Sati Salochana", made by director "YB Roy" in 1934, was the first film in Kanad language. Kanad Cinema has produced many good and super hits movies like "K.G.F" film which earns up to 250 crores and "Kurukshetra" earning up to 100 etc. Kanad Cinema has more than 650 screens in Karnataka, some movies of Kanad Cinema are also released abroad and are also liked. Today, more than 100 new films are produced by Kanad Cinema in Karnataka and Bengaluru every year. It is one of the largest film industries in the Indian film industry.

6. Marathi Film Industry

Marathi film industry is also a part of Indian cinema in which films are produced in Marathi. As Maharashtra is considered as the hub of films, hence the Marathi film industry which has emerged from there is also making great progress. Marathi cinema has more than 500 screens in Maharashtra which is a big reason for its success. The first Marathi cinema film was released on 18 May 1912. The first talkie film of the Marathi film industry came in 1932, "Subhash" and "Harichandra Factory" were some films that showed the Marathi film industry the way to success. Today, a movie produced by Marathi cinema is seen in many parts and are earning well. Marathi cinema makes 120 to 125 new movies every year. Due to which Today, it has become an industry of Two thousand crores.

7. Bengali Film Industry

One of the largest film industries in India, Bengali film industry is also known as Tollywood, although many Indian cinemas are known as Tollywood, so there can be confusions. Bengali cinema's first film came in 1919. Bengali cinema has made many excellent films which have earned a name in the world, and have also won many national awards, and perhaps that is why Bengali cinema is moving towards them. Bengali cinema is a part of Indian cinema in which films are produced in Bengali language. The Bengali film industry produces 70 to 100, films every year which are made in a budget of Two lakhs to 15 crores. It grossed nearly 100 crores in 2013; hence it is the seventh largest film industry in India.

8. Bhojpuri Cinema Film Industry

Bhojpuri cinema is one of the most well-known films industries in India. Bhojpuri films are seen not only in states like Bihar but also in many parts of North America, Europe and Asia. Because of which it is going to great heights. Bhojpuri films are also produced in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and South Nepal, Bhojpuri cinema is known for its action and comedy films. The graphics used in films make these films quite interesting. Bhojpuri cinema has become one of the biggest film industries in India regarding its continuous progress and earnings; today Bhojpuri cinema has become a film industry of about Two thousand crores.

9. Pollywood Punjabi Film Industry

Now you must be aware that Punjabi is one of the most spoken languages of India, so the Punjabi film industry is also making great progress in India. In the Punjabi film is liked in Punjab, Pakistan and many parts of India. Production of Punjabi films began in 1928 when films were made in Calcutta and released in Lahore. The Punjabi film industry has been doing a lot better for a few years now, and has been catching up in many states other than Punjab and now because it makes films based on one language, so there are problems in reaching the audience. But it has still become one of the biggest film industries in India. Pollywood's box office annual revenue is more than Seven thousand crores.

10. Ollywood Odia Film Industry

The Odia film industry, also known as ollywood, is a part of Indian cinema whose films are based on Odia, the language of Cuttack in Odisha. The Odia film industry started in 1936 when films based on the stories of the Indian folklore Ramayana were made, which also became quite famous. The Odia film industry may be a vernacular industry, but it is not far behind regarding innovation and films. It is named after Odia and Hollywood. Odisha film industry is known for cheap budget films, but still some of its films are quite effective and it is a unique films industry that makes great films with low budget. Odia Film Industry is one of the unique and large industries in India. It is the tenth largest film industry in India.

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