Top 30 facts about Psychology

 30 facts about Psychology

1) It deosn’t mttear in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. (The sentence is not spelled wrong it is just to show you the fact in a way that you can undertsand it)


2) Anatidaephobia is the fear of being constantly watched by a duck. Really this is so senseless I mean c’mon how can someone be feared by a duck what does a duck can do to you I mean it can’t eat you nor it can bite you and if do then you don’t have to go to the hospital for that.


3) EI Colacho is a yearly Spanish holiday where men, dresses as the Devil, jump over babies born during the previous twelve months, who lie on mattresses in the street. This is even senseless than the previous one I mean why they have to do that shouldn’t they care about their children or they trust the men’s jump too much.


4) Tests were done since 1933 show that people who talk about their intentions are less likely to make them happen. It is true you have to keep your secrets to yourself why you have to say this to the whole world, you can show your results but you shouldn’t have to talk about it the whole time. As a phrase says -” If you can’t keep it to yourself then don’t think someone else will do”.


5) Tetraphobia, fear of the number 4, is common in Asian countries, where many buildings do not have floors having the digit 4.


6) When you see text in a dream and look back at it, it changes 75% of the time (95% if you look at it once more).


7) A study of almost 90,000 people from 18 countries revealed that depression is more prevalent in high-income countries.


8) Studies show that spending money on others provides more happiness than spending it on yourself.


9) There are Buddhist monks who sleep upright in a meditative position.


10) Mirrors are put near elevators to give people something to occupy their time, making the wait feel shorter.


11) Researchers found that doctors who spent at least 3 hours a week playing video games, made about 37% fewer mistakes in laparoscopic surgery, and performed the task 27% faster. So if you want to found an advantage of video games then this one is for you.


12) Houston airport had many complaints about baggage waiting times, so they moved the baggage pickup area further away. Passengers had to walk instead of wait. Complaints dropped to near zero.


13) In general, people judge an experience, by the peak-end rule, that is by how the felt at its most intense point and at its end, regardless of the event’s duration.



14) Men and boys, from neighboring villages in Bolivia, fight each other every year in their tradition Tinku festival. So much violence in this world why you have to fight each other I mean you can put some competitions and if you really want intense then there should be a game like Tug of War or Arm Wrestling or Sprint or something like that.


15) When telling a lie, there is generally less hand movement. This is because of that when you telling a lie you are focusing on your words pretty much and in that case, your sub-consciousness will turn to Zero almost and that’s why your hands shouldn’t participate with your lie. So if you want to know that if they are telling a lie or not just think of that the person right next to you does uses his/her hand's gesture or not.


16) Most people spend almost half of their waking hours daydreaming. This is actually related to your focus power because daydreaming does happen when you are working too with when you are not working because if you are working with your full focus and concentration then you will not daydream and when you go to rest you will become so tired at that stage so you can’t think of anything else other than sleep. So it is basically your mental power.


17) Oxford English dictionary says that a Physical Law or Scientific Law is “a theoretical principle”. This means that the most basic things we live by, like matter, time, and other forces of nature are actually considered theories and not the real thing. You have to again to understand this one.


18) A tourist in Iceland joined a search for a missing person who turned out to be herself. Such a funny yet coincidental fact isn’t it.


19) The most basic fact that you all know about – You cannot think about two things at once. Try to do it as many times as you could you can’t able to do it but if you can then congrats you have some extraordinary inside of you.


20) People with Pica disorder may eat dirt, glass, stones, hair, wood, and other non-edible things.


21) Psychologists say 80 percent of communication among humans is body language and only 20% is the spoken word.


22) Nomophobia is the fear of being without your mobile phone, or losing your signal.


23) One Chinese man, Chen Si, stopped more than 144 people from committing suicide off the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, by coming to the bridge every week.


24) Phobophobia is the fear of phobia. Just think that someone having a phobia of getting a phobia that looks so weird.


25) Phantom vibration syndrome is the perception that one’s mobile phone is vibrating when it is not. This syndrome is very common to those who are having a habit to talk on the phone too much


26) Paris syndrome is a condition of extreme shock with many psychosomatic symptoms, which some people are not what they had expected.


27) Compliment someone's eyes when you first meet them, by doing so you're going to force the person to look at your eyes a brief moment, but it would be enough for that person to notice you, when before it could have been a polite gesture


28) And when talking with that new person, ask a question and stay silent until you have a full answer, people really can't stand the noiseless gap and will talk much more than what they intended.


29) Seeing faces or shapes in the clouds or in a fire has a name: pareidolia


30) The memory works best between 8h and 12h and after 21h, especially after eating.



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