Amazing Unbelievable Science Facts

Science itself is a wonder. There are many interesting facts in science that you will be surprised to know.

1. Do you know that the Earth is 4.56 billion years old, which is the same age as the Moon and the Sun.

2. Every hour our universe spans a billion miles. Every hour our universe spans a billion miles.

3. There are 100 billion galaxies in our universe.

4. The tallest tree ever built was an Australian eucalyptus - in 1872 it was measured to be 435 feet tall.

5.Pencils were invented before the invention of the rubber. The bread was first used to erase words written with a pencil.

6. The molecular structure of DNA was first determined in 1953 by Watson and Crick.

7.1000 sperm are made per second in a male.

8.We all know that when babies are born they do not have teeth, but do you know that out of 2000 babies born, one is born with a tooth.

9. The thermometer was invented in 1607 by the great scientist Galileo.

10.We all know that a dog has a higher smelling capacity than a human, but do you know that a dog has a smell of 1,000 times more than a human.

11.The great scientist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1866.

12.The first heart transplant was done by Christian Barnard in 1967, in which the patient survived for 18 days.


Amazing science facts


13.The chicken came first or the egg? Scientists have discovered that the chicken came first and not the egg! Because the protein found in eggshell is produced only by the chicken.

14. Dogs can also easily hear sounds that humans cannot hear.

15. Do you know that scientists have made a discovery with the help of which you can also charge your mobile phone with your urine.

16.Do you know that even glass rot? It takes 4,000 years for the glass to decompose. Whereas plastic takes 450 years to rot.

17.By the time you have read this sentence, the sun's million billion neutrinos will pass through your body.

18. Researchers first reported cases of adult AIDS in 1920 in the Congo city of Kinshasa.

19. They all know that drinking alcohol reduces our brain functioning, but do you know that it takes only six minutes for the effects of alcohol to be on the mind.

20. Vitamin B12 is found in rainwater which is beneficial for the body.

21. With the help of science, you can convert peanut butter to diamond.

22. Scientists discover about 41 new organisms and flora in a day.

23. A tree-piercing woodpecker moves its head back and forth 1000 times faster than gravity

Unbelievable science facts


24. There are about 8.7 million species of living species on Earth, of which 2.2 million are found only in the oceans.

25.You may know that toilet paper is also used in the toilet, but do you know that 27,000 trees are cut every day to make toilet paper only.

26.Eating salmon fish makes hair grow faster.

27. Earthquake is the name of a catastrophe. But do you know that due to the earthquake, the water turns into gold.

28.Do you know ? The number of germs that move by shaking hands is not as much as kissing.

29.Do you know that when we sneak, its speed is 100 miles per hour.

30.One volt of electricity falling from the sky has five times more heat than the surface of the sun.

31.You must have heard the name of Venus, but do you know that one day of Venus equals 1 year of Earth.

32.We know that there is water in three-fourths of the earth. That's why when astronauts saw the Earth from space, they saw it mostly blue and named it 'Blue Planet'.

33.On 16 December 1811, the Mississippi River began to vomit due to a 7.9 Richter earthquake that struck New Madrid.

34.We all like to listen to music but do you know that if flowers are heard, they grow more quickly.


Amazing and unbelievable science facts you know? The lobster urinates from its face and the tortoise can breathe through its hips.

36.It is known that dogs are trained to detect bombs. But do you know that bees are also trained for this.

37.Do you know that in sea horses, the male gives birth to children rather than female?

38.You must have known about many ways to create a fire, but do you know that fire can also be created by ice.

39. You may know that the sun is bigger than the earth, but do you know that the sun is millions of times larger than the earth, that is, the sun contains millions of earth. so big!

40. The Eiffel Tower can grow up to 15 cm tall during summer.

41.You must have heard of DNA. If a human's DNA is completely exposed, it will be so long that it will allow us to measure the distance from Pluto to the Sun, and then from Pluto to the Sun.

42. Three-fourths of the earth is water, but 97 per cent of the total water is salty. For this reason, we have only 1 percent water to drink.

43.Strange as you may know, the octopus has three hearts.

44.When an astronaut lands on Earth by traveling to space, its length increases by 2 inches because the flexible bone in the reed bone expands in the absence of gravitational force.

45. You must have heard that the lion hunts, but did you know that 90 per cent of the lion hunts. The lion comes to his aid only when he is needed.

46.The world's first computer "ENIAC" was 27 tons, which was as big as a hall.

47.You might not believe it! But it is true that when the moon is directly above your head, then your weight decreases slightly.

48.It is estimated that the sun will be able to give light for only 5 billion years after which its energy will be exhausted.

49.Babies have about 100 more bones than adults.

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