Why still we are not successful..???

How to be successful in our life ::??🤔🤔


* Faith : 

When we just started a business , all of us has failed sometimes . Mybe our business is not working well or you just got failed in any of the exam . So we think that we can't achieve what we want to and then we just start a small work and just earn to feed our stomach . Suppose if u want to be an IAS officer then we just worked so hard but we failed once ... twice then all your frnds relatives suggest u that just leave this now and do something to earn and we tooo start thinking that  I can't do that and started to work as a slave in some big company and you are happy now to earn less and just forgot your dream behind just to earn some money and remember you will never be happy to earn money because you have not achieved your dream ...our dream is to achieve our aims not just to earn money.  Remember if you on that time when everyone was against you if you on that time have faith in yourself and think that yes I can do it and  tried again and worked harder then  you might have succeeded once . Now the conclusion which comes out of it is that we should have faith in yourself . If you think that you can do it and I have to do it to show  everyone that I did then you will be successful and Moreover you will be the happy . But if you don't have faith in yourself....if you don't believe in your abilities then you will never be successful. The main motive of the person should be his satisfaction ...if he is not satisfied with his work then what he will do with money ...for him money is just a garbage . The two things come out of it first is that never think that I can't do remember Arunima Sinha climed Mount Everest with the artificial leg and the second thing which comes out of this context is that never sell yourself so easily . Think you are born to achieve the most difficult destination. Achieving something big don't mean that you become an IAS or IPS officer ....do big is what not others think to be big but do big for yourself should mean that you should be satisfied...you should follow your dreams .

It is known as that if we have
Faith in god then god will give you
That which god has written in your
Life but if you have faith in yourself
Then god will give you what you want .
So have faith and believe in your
Abilities and strengths.

* Dream big :

Suppose you want to be the teacher and suppose you became the teacher then you  just settle down as a teacher . You stopped there your imagination stops ...your dreams stops ...now you achieved it and now u are just done you are thinking something big from this . Now you can open your tuitions and then  open your own  couchings and then you can open 2 coughings . Heir teachers and someday you will open many couching centres in your city and then you can make your own you tube channel ,  you can teach to whole world then you can be more richer...more famous...more successful then to a teacher there are many opportunities futher available to you ...you just want to dream big . If you just live to teach in private schools then you will be limited only. Its rightly said that your limitation is just your imagination . So dreaming big is directly proportional to your success life . So that's why guys to dream big is necessary . Hope you understand the value to dream big then you will think bigger and then you will think biggest and then finally you can be one of most successful in your field . If your imagination is stronger then only your dreams will be bigger and when your dreams will be bigger then only you can see the world through a different side ..when you will see the world through a different side then you will see very opportunity to be successful . If you are bigger imaginer then  with every small opportunity you can be one of the successful person . When your goals will be bigger then you will  be more excited and your brain will be so smart and will train u for the big flite . Remember big flite... big goals will make you bigger in your own life. So just conclude that if you want to be successful then your your dreams should not be limited . Let the world know who are you .

* Focus 

Focus and concentration in every field is very necessary . One need to focus on their goals..on their aims then only they can achieve success . Suppose you are just getting prepared for your school or any other exams but instead of focusing on studies u are just wasting your time with your frnds ... playing everytime ...and you are not little bit worried about your exams then tell me how it is possible that you will top the exam then everyone will say never ever ..yeah u can if you have some super natural powers . If not then hardly u can pass your exams so that's why focus is really very important in one's life. Focus on your goals like a eagle . Learn something from animals, you know why a eagle is not a slave...is not considered as a pet animal then the reason behind it is it's behaviour and nature. You know how focused the eagle is .. one's the eagle finds his predator then due to its focus then never ever his  mind will let him to roam in different situation . So be focused and achieve your success . Never let your mind to roam somewhere else when you are trying to achieve something . Yours eyes should be on your goals and nowhere else. The person who studies for 9 hours without any concentration and focus then he will just try to crame everything and he will easily forgot that in just 3-4 hours but on the other side the person who studies with full concentration and full focus then he will cover whole syallbus ....every topic  then he will remember that for long time . So I think you will be able to understand the power of focus .

*Right Career : 

It's very necessary to find the right Career before you start working on it because when you are working on the career in which you are not interested at all then definitely hardly you can achieve success in that field if you want to know the ways by which you can just choose the right Career then you can check it out at ananyanagpal.blogspot.in where I wrote many tricks which will help you to choose your right Career . Now let's talk that why right Career is important to achieve success . So it's very important because the work in which you are not interested....the work which doesn't make you happy will never make you successfully...you can achieve success but that success can be forcefull one because someone else is just beating you and just forcing you to achieve success in that field it might be your own parents . Mybe your parents are forcing u to do good in this exam then you will be pressured and your mind will boil like rice boiling in water because there will be no happiness in doing that work that's the reason that right Career is really important for all of us to be successful as you will be successful moreover you will be happy . Happiness is what matters a lot so just go and tell your parents that I can't do something forcefully ...try to make them understand because right career matters a lot in the path of success. If you don't know the work that you are interested in then just sit down and analyse yourself ...try to mediate because with mediation ...your mind wll be peacefull and then you will take the right decision. Try to think about the work you can do for many hours without getting tired then the work which will come into your mind that work will be best for you . Trust me .


So guys if you like it then Don't forget to shre it to your frnds and family members . Thnku and  for more motivation and ideas you can visit at ananyanagpal.blogspot.in . Be safe and stay at home . 

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Fazila. Ahmed - Apr 19, 5:34 AM - Add Reply

Nice content to read

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Ananya Nagpal - Apr 23, 6:47 PM - Add Reply

Thnku 😊

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